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#014: How to Track Non-Operator Interests from an Accountant

On today’s episode, we chat with Wade Cox, Senior Accountant for JMA Energy Company, L.L.C. (JMA). He discusses the in’s and out’s of working as an accountant in the oil and gas industry. You’ll find out what Wade does accounting wise for JMA, how he keeps track of their oil and gas interests and the issues that come up in his profession. He also discusses what he does outside of his work with JMA as a tax professional.

Here are some of the things you can look forward to in this episode:

  • What Wade does as a CPA in the oil and gas industry
  • Reports that simplify Wade’s career
  • Wade’s experience with using Well Profits to track their clients’ interests
  • How Well Profits has helped eliminate human error


1:28 How Wade Got Started in the oil and gas industry
4:40 What Wade does accounting wise for JMA
6:10 How Wade keeps track of their oil and gas interests
7:51 The issues that come up when tracking non-operating interests
9:11 Revenue disbursement rules  
12:15 What reports make Wade’s job easier as a tax professional
15:05 The importance of being able to calculate the cost depletion
16:53 Wade’s experience with using the Well Profits software
19:02 How importing data has cut down on errors and saved time
21:20 What Wade does outside of JMA in accounting

About Wade:

I attended Southwestern Oklahoma State University and graduated in 1989 with a Bachelor in Science of Finance and a minor in Mathematics. Later, I attended the University of Central Oklahoma and obtained my CPA certificate in 1995. I have been working in the oil and gas business since 1996 for a company called JMA Energy Company, L.L.C. I started at an entry level position and worked in all areas of accounting in the oil & gas business (JIB, revenue, tax and financial accounting). I started my own oil & gas bookkeeping business in 2006. Some of my clients have up to 1,100 different well interests. I have been married for twenty years and I have a daughter that is nineteen and attending college. I like to read, watch movies and I love spending time with my two Golden Retrievers, Ethel and Hazel.

Connect with Wade:


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#013: Well Profits: How to Track Mineral Interest Investments

In this episode, Phil discusses a topic that is a bit different from the usual conversation on the podcast. Phil shares information about the launch of an online-cloud based application of the SherWare software, Well Profits which has been around since 1996. This transition is just the beginning of all of the SherWare applications and software moving to the web.

Well Profits is designed to help users find mistakes to get them corrected. Current users have even said that using Well Profits has helped them to save over 30 working hours per month. This powerful online application allows users to track and report on the revenue and expenses being generated by their interest. The importing capabilities and reporting system are a game changer for the Oil & Gas industry, saving users both time and money.

Here are some of the things you can look forward to in this episode:

  • An overview of Well Profits and what the application does
  • Testimonials from current users of Well Profits
  • How to get started and set up your account
  • Tips for managing your systems and procedures using Well Profits


2:35 Why we changed our product name to Well Profits
2:40 What Well Profits does
2:55 The two superpowers of Well Profits
4:14 Making tax season a breeze
7:08 Importing revenue and expenses into the application
7:29 Saving time by setting up proper operating procedures
8:13 Phil’s favorite report to take a look at

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#012: Everything Mineral Rights Owners Need to Know

In this episode, we talk with Matt Sands, the host of the Mineral Rights podcast.

The Mineral Rights Podcast is a show for you to learn about owning mineral rights. What is a lease? What taxes are involved? How do I check production for my wells? How do I calculate my royalty interest? What is a division order? I got an offer to purchase or lease, but is it reasonable? How do I read my check stub? Matt gives you answers to these and more questions about managing mineral rights and royalty interests.

Matt has over 19 years of Oil & Gas industry experience. Matt is a graduate of the Colorado School of Mines with a BS in Engineering with a Mechanical Specialty and a Minor in Public Affairs. Matt is the principal of Silverheels Investments LLC, a family-owned company focused on mineral rights advisory services and investing in minerals and royalties in select basins across the US.


5:00 – Why Matt went to the Colorado School of Mines
6:33 – Why Minerals interested Matt
8:30 – Matt’s advice on surviving the oil & gas ups and downs
13:35 – Why the Mineral Rights Podcast exists.
16:01 – The most listened to Mineral Rights episodes
20:55 – Resources for Mineral Owners

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