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#019: How SherWare Software Got Started 25 Years Ago

On today’s episode of the podcast, Phil is joined by his friend and business mentor, Robert “Butch” Rogers. Butch is a CPA who has his own accounting business and also works as a consultant for other CPA’s and producers in the oil and gas industry and as a contract CFO for a few oil and gas companies. Phil and Butch share how they got to know one another, how they both ended up living in Ohio and how Phil got started with his business, SherWare software 25 years ago. They chat about how Butch helped Phil with accounting items to include in his software and how SherWare software continually evolves according to the customers’ needs. 

Here are some of the things you can look forward to in this episode:

  • How Phil and Butch met each other
  • Why Butch left Texas and started his own CPA business
  • How Butch convinced Phil to move to Ohio
  • The story of how Phil started SherWare and how Butch mentored him
  • How SherWare has grown and evolved with the help of its customers


3:35 How Phil and Butch got to know each other
4:07 Leaving Texas and starting his own CPA business
5:37 Finding his niche as a CPA
7:38 Butch noticing that oil and gas clients didn’t have great accounting software
9:06 How Butch helped Phil with writing the SherWare software
11:50 Phil figuring out that he needed to focus on oil and gas
13:40 How SherWare has grown organically and been tailored to customers 
16:10 The ease of reporting that comes with SherWare
19:56 What smaller, independent producers are currently facing in the oil and gas industry
24:01 Working as a contract CFO and a consultant for other CPA’s and smaller producers
25:11 What Butch’s accounting firm will be doing next
26:33 How the numbers tell a story in accounting

About Robert Rogers:

Robert “Butch” Rogers is a Certified Public Accountant with a Master’s Degree in Taxation from Texas Tech University. He is a CPA in Wooster, Ohio and is a partner in the CPA firm Rogers Accounting Solutions, Inc. 

Butch has over 35 years of experience working in and with clients in the oil and gas industry. As a college student, he worked as a roustabout in West Texas. Upon graduating from college he worked for Gulf Oil as a business administration trainee, working in the Midland, Texas district office and the Monahans, Texas field office. He gained valuable oil and gas tax experience working with Coopers and Lybrand in Lubbock, Texas. During his time as a practicing CPA, Butch served a number of small independent producers as a trusted tax and business advisor. 

His speaking experience includes conducting continuing education seminars and webinars for various state societies of CPAs, Ohio Oil and Gas Association, COPAS, and Bisk Education. 

Connect with Robert:

LinkedIn | [email protected]

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#018: Oil & Gas In Kentucky with Ryan Watts and Mark Hughes

On today’s episode of the podcast, Eric Werdin, SherWare’s sales director, discusses the oil and gas industry in Kentucky with two leaders from the Kentucky Oil and Gas Association (KOGA), Ryan Watts, Executive Director, and Mark Hughes, President. They chat about the history of KOGA, the founding members of the organization and what KOGA does for the community in Kentucky. They also discuss the current state of oil and gas in Kentucky and their predictions on the future of the industry.

Here are some of the things you can look forward to in this episode:

  • What Ryan and Mark do in their roles at KOGA
  • How KOGA initially got started
  • What KOGA does for the community and economy
  • What will happen with the future of oil and gas in Kentucky


2:20 What Ryan and Mark do at KOGA
3:46 The history of oil and gas in Kentucky
6:09 The first well that was drilled in Kentucky
7:42 Who contributed to starting KOGA
9:15 The services that KOGA provides to the community
10:51 The current state and the future of oil and gas in Kentucky 
13:07 The operators’ current concerns
17:15 The perception of oil and gas

Connect with KOGA:

Kentucky Oil & Gas Association | LinkedIn | Facebook

The Kentucky Oil & Gas Association was formed in 1931 to represent the interests of Kentucky’s crude oil and natural gas industry, and more particularly, the independent crude oil and natural gas operators.

Our goals include promoting, protecting and advancing the interests of the oil and gas industry; opposing any unfair and unjust legislation which may adversely affect the oil and gas industry; and, disseminating reliable publicity to further and protect the oil and gas industry.

The Kentucky Oil & Gas Association is dedicated to the responsible production and conservation of Kentucky’s natural resources, while ensuring that its members are provided fair regulations, are educated on oil and gas issues, while protecting individual property rights, health, safety, and the environment.

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#017: How Podcasting Changes the Conversation in the Oil & Gas Industry

Today on the podcast, Phil chats with Mark LaCour, a former market researcher who now produces some of the top podcasts in oil and gas. They chat about how he got started with the first podcast and how this led him and his team to create a number of other podcasts about the oil and gas industry. He shares what he has learned from the younger generation in the workforce about learning and networking. Mark also discusses a new AI technology he is developing to make recruiting the right employees for oil and gas much easier.

Here are some of the things you can look forward to in this episode:

  • What happened that led Mark to the oil and gas industry
  • His first company and how it has changed
  • Why he started the very first podcast
  • How his podcast network has grown since the initial launch


2:05 How Mark got started in oil and gas
4:57 Why the different sectors of the industry are so compartmentalized
6:39 The root of inefficiencies in the oil and gas industry
7:44 What ModalPoint is
9:43 How he got started with the first podcast
11:47 The current podcasts he runs and upcoming podcasts
13:07 Why a small, niche podcast is better
13:42 The hardest part about running his podcasts
15:02 What the Oil & Gas Global Network is
16:21 What Mark speaks about to other businesses
17:53 Mark’s happy hour events and how the younger workforce learns and networks
21:52 A software that Mark is developing
24:04 Challenge for the industry to change the negative public perception

About Mark LaCour

Mark has lived at the intersection of Oil and Gas and Technology for over 20 years. Later he started his own market research company and has a well-earned reputation as an industry “insider” and independent 3rd party researcher. This led to him becoming a part of the new media, where he has the top podcasts in the oil and gas industry. He is a sought after public speaker, author, sits on several oil & gas boards and has one of the top oil & gas presences in social media.

Connect with Mark:

Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter | ModalPoint | ModalPoint Facebook

Connect with Oil & Gas Global Network:

Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter

Oil & Gas Global Network podcasts:

Oil and Gas This Week Podcast
Oil & Gas Startups Podcast
Oil and Gas Industry Leaders Podcast
Red Wing’s Oil and Gas HSE Podcast
Oil And Gas Legal Risk Podcast
Oil & Gas Onshore Podcast

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#016: NAPAC Vendor Chats: The Businesses that Support Your Oil & Gas Company

In this episode of the podcast, Phil sits down with a few vendors in the oil & gas industry while at the National American Petroleum Accounting Conference (NAPAC) in Dallas, TX. He chats with each vendor about the company that they work for and what products and services they offer for their clients. You will hear about different companies that help make running an oil and gas business a lot easier. If you have been looking to simplify your oil and gas business, then you will want to tune in and hear about these vendors offer.

Here are some of the things you can look forward to in this episode:

  • Discussions with professionals from various organizations about their company
  • A chat with a company that bridges the gap between business and technology
  • How one company helps to mitigate risks for their clients
  • What goes into planning for NAPAC


2:20 What Eddye Dreyer Financial Services does
3:56 The consulting services offered through Eddye Dreyer
6:06 Transition processing
7:17 How Magnum Forge helps clients choose software and implement it
8:38 Partnering with software vendors
10:42 Bridging the gap between the business and technology
13:29 Business advocates with Stinnett Associates
15:20 Mitigating risks for clients
18:24 Taking care of the backend accounting with JC Data Services
21:58 Saving clients money by eliminating unnecessary steps
25:45 Helping clients with inventory management with B & L Pipeco
28:22 The products and services B & L Pipeco offers
32:16 Finding experienced oil & gas retirees to write courses
33:17 What continuing education looks like in oil and gas
36:36 Live action classes vs. web-based classes
38:02 Planning for the NAPAC Conference

About Companies:

Eddye Dreyer Financial Services:
Eddye Dreyer Financial Services was founded to provide specialized bookkeeping for the oil and gas industry. From our humble beginnings around a kitchen table to our current offices in Dallas and Houston, much has changed in nearly thirty years. One thing that hasn’t changed, however, is our commitment to providing accurate and reliable back office services. From joint interest billing and division orders to revenue distribution and regulatory filings, Eddye Dreyer is your partner for oil and gas bookkeeping.

Magnum Forge:
Magnum Forge works exclusively with midsize to large independent exploration and production companies. We lead successful ERP selections and implementations every day with our expertise in the oil and gas industry’s software packages. Let us help you scope your needs and determine your organization’s readiness.

Stinnett Associates:
Stinnett is a professional advisory firm that strives to maximize value for public and private companies. As a certified Women’s Business Enterprise, we serve Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 companies and small-to-large size organizations with global operations.

JC Data Services:
JC Data Solutions is a complete business solution partner. Our flat-rate maintenance plans are designed to optimize your network performance and reduce IT support costs, allowing you to focus on your bottom line, not your technology.

JC Data Solutions has over 80 years of combined experience to serve the southern Utah area. Our promise to you…” We will provide you with the best technical services in the St. George area, utilizing experienced, highly trained staff and the best customer experience you have ever had from a technology solutions company. We will make it right or your money back”

B & L Pipeco:
Consistently adhering to a customer-focused mindset and a profound sense of urgency, our customers can rely on B&L Pipeco Services to fulfill their needs 24/7/365. Our immediate response services are backed by our vast customer base of several large and small independent operators. This enables us to provide cost advantages through economies of scale and allows us to pool inventory for quick ramp up or dissolution of casing inventory. B&L Pipeco Services entails a network of products, including unrivaled mill sourcing for OCTG, vast selection of premium connections and tubular accessories, and state-of-the-art production storage tanks. Our logistics company, InCompass, is the fabric that ties all our products and services together. As a leader in the transportation industry, InCompass Logistics provides service, value, and solutions for all of our customers’ needs. We are not just another OCTG distributor. Our network of experts helps us constantly focus on how to take the pain away from our customers.

PDI’s world-renowned Energy division delivers top quality Continuing Professional Education to the energy business – training that is on target, on-site and on budget.  Each of our program authors/instructors is a “been there, done that” professional with outstanding industry knowledge coming from decades of industry experience. All instructors have the skills to communicate, at any level, the material your employees need to be more effective.

NAPAC brings petroleum industry professionals together for two days of intense and important educational sessions enhanced by lively, productive discussions. Each year, NAPAC features topical general sessions and detailed, track-based concurrent technical sessions, as well as annual reviews of important legislative updates. The conference provides access to outstanding industry experienced speakers from both the government and private sectors and informative exhibits from leading industry vendors. This perennial favorite, considered by many to be the premier oil and gas industry accounting conference, has been running for more than 40 years and remains a very highly regarded and well-attended event.

Connect with Companies:

Eddye Dreyer Oil & Gas: Website | Contact
Magnum Forge: Website | [email protected]
Stinett Associates: Website | Contact
JC Data Solutions: Website | Contact
B & L Pipeco: Website | Contact
PDI: Website | [email protected] | NAPAC Conference

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#015: How to Retain Employees and Create a Positive Work Culture

Treating employees right and creating a positive work culture will save you thousands of dollars by simply retaining staff. Today on the podcast, Phil is joined by his friend and business coach, Scott Ballard, founder of the Confidence Coach. Scott shares why employers need to focus on employee retention and creating a workplace that people are excited about. He also discusses what he does as a business coach and shares the structure of some of his coaching programs.

Here are some of the things you can look forward to in this episode:

  • A rundown of what Scott does as a business coach
  • Why employee retention is so important for your business
  • How to create a positive work culture
  • Scott’s advice about investing in your employees


1:44 Scott’s background and how he got into his business coaching
5:53 What coaching is from Scott’s perspective
8:55 Learning to leverage a team in your business
10:20 How coaching is similar to brain surgery
12:31 Ditching limiting beliefs
13:14 Retaining good employees and developing underperforming employees
18:20 Finding out what motivates employees internally
22:20 The cost of hiring new employees
25:38 Scott’s coaching programs
29:12 Creating a family-like culture at the workplace
33:50 The importance of investing in your payroll

About Scott Ballard:

Scott Ballard is the founder of Confidence Coach LLC and is an author, speaker and coach for business owners with employees. He has 35 years of successful business ownership as his background. The last 10 years Scott has been coaching business owners on the strategies and tactics of engaging their employees in a fun, positive, respectful way. He has worked with everything from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies and has developed five different processes/trainings that build engagement, culture and leadership within businesses.

Scott is passionate and adamant about leveraging for each company the hopes, dreams and aspirations of not only the company, but of each employee in the company; which is the greatest untapped asset in every company in the world.

Connect with Scott:

Website | LinkedIn | Facebook | Youtube | Twitter | Book

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#014: How to Track Non-Operator Interests from an Accountant

On today’s episode, we chat with Wade Cox, Senior Accountant for JMA Energy Company, L.L.C. (JMA). He discusses the in’s and out’s of working as an accountant in the oil and gas industry. You’ll find out what Wade does accounting wise for JMA, how he keeps track of their oil and gas interests and the issues that come up in his profession. He also discusses what he does outside of his work with JMA as a tax professional.

Here are some of the things you can look forward to in this episode:

  • What Wade does as a CPA in the oil and gas industry
  • Reports that simplify Wade’s career
  • Wade’s experience with using Well Profits to track their clients’ interests
  • How Well Profits has helped eliminate human error


1:28 How Wade Got Started in the oil and gas industry
4:40 What Wade does accounting wise for JMA
6:10 How Wade keeps track of their oil and gas interests
7:51 The issues that come up when tracking non-operating interests
9:11 Revenue disbursement rules  
12:15 What reports make Wade’s job easier as a tax professional
15:05 The importance of being able to calculate the cost depletion
16:53 Wade’s experience with using the Well Profits software
19:02 How importing data has cut down on errors and saved time
21:20 What Wade does outside of JMA in accounting

About Wade:

I attended Southwestern Oklahoma State University and graduated in 1989 with a Bachelor in Science of Finance and a minor in Mathematics. Later, I attended the University of Central Oklahoma and obtained my CPA certificate in 1995. I have been working in the oil and gas business since 1996 for a company called JMA Energy Company, L.L.C. I started at an entry level position and worked in all areas of accounting in the oil & gas business (JIB, revenue, tax and financial accounting). I started my own oil & gas bookkeeping business in 2006. Some of my clients have up to 1,100 different well interests. I have been married for twenty years and I have a daughter that is nineteen and attending college. I like to read, watch movies and I love spending time with my two Golden Retrievers, Ethel and Hazel.

Connect with Wade:


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#013: Well Profits: How to Track Mineral Interest Investments

In this episode, Phil discusses a topic that is a bit different from the usual conversation on the podcast. Phil shares information about the launch of an online-cloud based application of the SherWare software, Well Profits which has been around since 1996. This transition is just the beginning of all of the SherWare applications and software moving to the web.

Well Profits is designed to help users find mistakes to get them corrected. Current users have even said that using Well Profits has helped them to save over 30 working hours per month. This powerful online application allows users to track and report on the revenue and expenses being generated by their interest. The importing capabilities and reporting system are a game changer for the Oil & Gas industry, saving users both time and money.

Here are some of the things you can look forward to in this episode:

  • An overview of Well Profits and what the application does
  • Testimonials from current users of Well Profits
  • How to get started and set up your account
  • Tips for managing your systems and procedures using Well Profits


2:35 Why we changed our product name to Well Profits
2:40 What Well Profits does
2:55 The two superpowers of Well Profits
4:14 Making tax season a breeze
7:08 Importing revenue and expenses into the application
7:29 Saving time by setting up proper operating procedures
8:13 Phil’s favorite report to take a look at

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Website | Podcast | iTunes