#037: The State of Oil & Gas in West Virginia with Charlie Burd

In this episode, Phil was joined by Charlie Burd of the Independent Oil & Gas Association of West Virginia (IOGAWV). Charlie touches on what’s been happening in West Virginia (WV) with the industry and the wins his association has had this year. He and Phil talk about the resilience of the industry, the decline in conventional permits in WV and what the association is working on moving forward. 

Here are some of the things you can look forward to in this episode:

  • The current state of the oil and gas industry in WV
  • Focuses of the industry in WV on natural gas
  • Priorities of the IOGAWV going into 2021


1:26 What the oil and gas industry is like in West Virginia and what the IOGAWV does

2:09 The history of Marcellus wells in the state
2:56 What caused the decline in conventional permits
4:10 How the pandemic has affected the flow of natural gas in WV
5:34 The majority of the production in their state
8:13 Companies using the advantages of cheap natural gas
10:18 Wins they’ve had this year 
12:47 The resilience of those in the oil and gas industry
15:42 How the acquisition of assets by Warren Buffet’s company may affect future projects
16:16 What the association’s priorities are over the next several moments
17:22 His thoughts about oil and gas in WV and what people should know

About Charlie Burd:

Charlie Burd has been the executive director of the Independent Oil and Gas Association of West Virginia since July 2002 where he manages the operations of the nearly 500-member trade association of oil and natural gas operators. Charlie also oversees IOGAWV’s legislative efforts.

Prior to joining IOGAWV, Charlie worked at Hope Gas, Inc., holding a variety of marketing, economic development, and management positions.  He holds an associate degree in accounting from Mountain State College, a Regents BA degree from Glenville State College and is a graduate of the University Of Oklahoma’s “Economic Development Institute.”  

Charlie serves on several industry advisory committees for West Virginia University, is active with the Independent Petroleum Association of America, the West Virginia Chamber, and the West Virginia Manufacturers Association.  Charlie is the Governor Jim Justices’ official state representative to the Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission where he also serves as the organization’s 1st Vice Chairman. In 2017, Charlie was honored as the “West Virginia Oil and Gas Man of the Year.” 

Charlie and wife Leone reside in Vienna, WV, with their son Nathan, a senior in the WVU Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources – Lane Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering where he majors in computer science with a minor in cyber security.  His older son Charlie is the VP and COO of the American Masala Enterprises and resides in New Delhi, India.    

Connect with Charlie:

Independent Oil & Gas Association of West Virginia

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