#036: The State of Oil & Gas in Ohio with Mike Chadsey

In today’s episode, we brought back Mike Chadsey of the Ohio Oil and Gas Association to chat about the state of oil and gas in Ohio. Phil and Mike talk about how the pandemic has affected the state and how this impacts operators. Mike shares their priorities as an association, how the upcoming elections figure into the association’s plans and their outlook for the next few years. He also shares his thoughts on House Bill 6 and how the significant drop in operators since 2008 has affected the OOGA.

Here are some of the things you can look forward to in this episode:

  • How the oil and gas industry has been in Ohio during the pandemic
  • What House Bill 6 means for the oil and gas industry
  • What the OOGA’s priorities are for 2020 and beyond


2:11 How virtual meetings have been for him this year
2:35 How the pandemic has affected oil and gas in Ohio
4:46 Mergers and acquisitions he’s seen during this year 
6:19 Wins that the OOGA has had this year
8:18 How the repeal of the House Bill 6 affects how they approach the legislature
10:47 Their priorities as an association for the remainder of 2020
11:59 How the upcoming elections figure into the OOGA’s plans
13:16 A discussion on a recent article about Google being carbon neutral
16:58 How the drop in operators in Ohio has affected membership in Ohio
18:21 What Mike wants people to know about oil and gas in Ohio
20:53 The association’s outlook for 2021 and beyond

About Mike Chadsey:

Mike Chadsey serves as Director of Public Relations for the Ohio Oil and Gas Association. In that capacity, he leads OOGA’s engagement with the media in the state and continues the Association’s great work of creating and building relationships with local elected, community, and business leaders throughout the state.

Immediately prior to joining OOGA, Mike served two years as the first state director of Energy In Depth-Ohio (EID), a grassroots advocacy, research and education initiative organized in support of responsible oil and gas development.

Mike has served in a variety of roles over the last 20 years at both the local and state level working for various campaigns and office holders. He was elected by the voters of Summit County as a Board member of the Summit County Educational Service Center in 2017. He is a graduate of Kent State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. He lives with his wife, Jean Anne and their daughter Madeline and son Matthew in Green.

Connect with Mike:

Ohio Oil and Gas Association

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