#035: The State of Oil & Gas in Louisiana with Daron Fredrickson

In this episode we’re continuing the conversation with oil and gas associations across the U.S. Today, Phil was joined by Daron Fredrickson of the Louisiana Oil and Gas Association. Daron shares what his organization has been working on to help impact oil and gas producers and how this will affect taxes. They also discuss what the industry has looked like amidst the pandemic, OPEC and natural disasters such as hurricanes. 

Here are some of the things you can look forward to in this episode:

  • What the oil and gas industry is currently like in Louisiana
  • The impacts of natural disasters on independent oil and gas producers 
  • Why it’s critical to vote in the upcoming election


2:05 What the oil and gas industry is like in Louisiana
3:15 The types of members in the association and the challenges they face
5:27 How the pandemic and OPEC has affected Louisiana’s oil and gas industry
8:00 How independent producers are affected by hurricanes
9:22 The election and how politics affect the industry
14:37 How the amendment came into place
20:54 The problems he’s seen this cause for the oil and gas industry
26:13 How this amendment will not affect landowners
26:47 Inequality impacts on oil and gas producers
34:21 How you can get involved in helping the industry

Connect with Daron:

Louisiana Oil and Gas Association

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