#034: The State of Oil & Gas in Kentucky with Ryan Watts and Maverick Bentley

In this episode, we had on Ryan Watts and Maverick Bentley from the Kentucky Oil and Gas Association. Phil, Ryan and Maverick talk about oil and gas in the state of Kentucky including how the pandemic has affected the industry. They chat about moving association meetings virtual, what they’re doing to support association members and why the oil and gas industry is essential for people’s quality of life. You’ll hear some of the obstacles they see coming in the industry and the win’s they’ve had this year. 

Here are some of the things you can look forward to in this episode:

  • What the current state of oil and gas is in Kentucky
  • The Kentucky Oil and Gas Association’s priorities for the rest of the year
  • The effect that oil and gas has on people’s quality of life


1:43 Ryan’s experience of working for the Kentucky Oil and Gas Association
3:02 What oil and gas is like in the state of Kentucky
3:55 The growth of the oil and gas industry in Kentucky
7:12 How the pandemic has affected oil and gas activity in the state
12:49 Their plans for moving meetings virtual
14:03 Wins they’ve had this year
16:59 The association’s priorities for the rest of the year
19:03 Obstacles they see coming up in the industry
24:45 How the oil and gas industry is important to the quality of life we have

About Ryan Watts:

Ryan Watts has served as the executive director for the Kentucky Oil and Gas Association (KOGA) since September 2017. KOGA represents and advocates for the interests of Kentucky’s crude oil & natural gas industry with a focus on the independent crude oil & natural gas operators.

Watts began his career as the press secretary for Lt. Governor Steve Pence. Watts also served as executive director of the Office of Public Affairs for the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC). In that capacity, Watts directed all communications and served as chief spokesman for the 4,400 employee agency, which is responsible for maintaining and preserving a vast infrastructure network across Kentucky.

Ryan has served as the president of the Good Shepherd Catholic School Advisory Council for two years. Watts also earned his Eagle Scout Award and currently serves as an executive committee board member of the Bluegrass Council for the Boy Scouts of America.

Watts, originally from Bardstown, is a graduate of the University of Kentucky with degrees in political science and mathematics. He lives in Frankfort with his wife, Ashli, and two children.

Connect with Ryan:

Kentucky Oil and Gas Association | Twitter | Facebook

About Maverick Bentley:

Mr. Bentley joined Diversified in July of 2018 through its acquisition of EQT. He has 35 years in gas and oil operations, in both upstream and midstream. He is highly experienced in midstream operations, compression and well productivity. He is also an executive board member of the Kentucky Oil and Gas Association.

Connect with Maverick:

Kentucky Oil and Gas Association

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