#032: The State of Oil & Gas in Illinois with Seth Whitehead

We’re continuing our series of conversations with different state oil and gas associations. In this episode, Phil is joined by Seth Whitehead of the Illinois Oil and Gas Association and Illinois Petroleum Resources Board to talk about the industry in the state of Illinois, what they do to improve the industry within their state and what type of education they provide. He shares the biggest obstacles they’re facing as an industry in Illinois, their top 3 priorities going forward and how the state is made up of small independent producers rather than large corporations.

Here are some of the things you can look forward to in this episode:

  • How we can work together to shift how people view oil and gas as an industry
  • How the Illinois oil and gas industry is made up of small independent producers
  • The top 3 priorities for the Illinois Oil and Gas Association


1:32 How Seth got involved in the oil and gas industry2:46 The mission of the Illinois Petroleum Resources Board3:54 What type of adult education they provide about the oil and gas industry5:36 Seth’s advice about changing the way people see the industry7:13 His transition to working for the Illinois Oil and Gas Association10:23 The biggest obstacles of the oil and gas industry in Illinois11:27 How has COVID-19 affected the industry14:09 Their top focuses for the association 15:50 The current state of oil and gas in the state of Illinois

About Seth Whitehead:

I am currently the interim operations administrator for the Illinois Oil & Gas Association and the executive director of the Illinois Petroleum Resources Board (IPRB). IPRB is an education and outreach program that is voluntarily funded by Illinois oil producers and royalty owners. I was previously Team Lead for the Energy In Depth program from 2016-2018. I am a graduate of Southern Illinois University-Carbondale and am married with five kids.

“Hopefully educating the kids about an industry that’s misunderstood, to put it mildly.” – Seth Whitehead

Connect with Seth:

Illinois Petroleum Resources Board | Illinois Oil and Gas Association | IPRB Twitter | IPRB Facebook

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