#031: Why The Industry Will Recover

We’re still here, despite the fear-mongering that the media attempts to bring to the public, despite oil prices hitting record lows. This pandemic has brought a double whammy to the oil and gas industry but it will indeed recover. In this episode, Phil shares why traditional energy sources will never become obsolete and why it’s superior to misnamed, “renewable energy sources”. He shares a few interesting articles about the prospects of the oil and gas industry and how it will recover. 

Here are some of the things you can look forward to in this episode:

  • Why we’re still here
  • How oil has surged over 80% as demand has returned
  • Why the misnamed “renewable energy sources” won’t replace traditional energy sources

“We’ve been through more up and down cycles than most other industries and the people in this industry are still here.”  – Phil Sherwood

1:25 How this pandemic has been a double whammy for the oil and gas industry
2:01 How not everything going on right now is doom and gloom
5:22 Why the world cannot work without oil
9:55 How Amazon is a huge partner in the oil and gas industry
11:16 Current conversations about replacing traditional energy sources with renewable energy sources
14:19 One of Phil’s favorite books over the past few years
16:02 An acronym for fear that the oil and gas industry leans on

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