#029: How Leaders Handle Chaos

With everything that’s currently going on in the world, there’s a lot of fear, panic and uncertainty. In the oil and gas industry, we’ve seen oil prices dip into the negatives and many companies are unsure of what will happen next. But what can we do to help eliminate the spirit of fear? In this episode, Phil talks about three practices that can help you deal with uncertainty. He clarifies the three things that cause fear and shares an exercise you can use to overcome fears that come your way. We’ve been through it before, and we’ll probably go through it again but just remember: We’re still here. 

Here are some of the things you can look forward to in this episode:

  • The three practices that can help you deal with uncertainty
  • The three things that cause you to fear
  • An exercise you can do to overcome fears

“You’ve got to learn to conquer the struggle and not fear it.”
– Phil Sherwood


2:12 Three practices that can help you deal with fear and uncertainty
2:56 Adopting the role model mindset
4:41 Why you should check in with the news and social media multiple times a day
6:44 Choose how much you’re going to check in and sticking to that
8:28 Why you should choose to act instead of react
8:39 How you can describe your reality without complaints
10:25 Why you need more self-evaluation to develop self-awareness
11:39 Learning to understand and tap into why your fear is showing up
14:16 Giving more emotional energy to the other side of fear
17:58 Why people are terrified of the hardships
22:48 How you’re a role model in your community and your home
24:05 An exercise for overcoming fears

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