#028: The Best of 2019 with the SherWare, Inc. Team

Today you’ll get to hear from the entire SherWare, Inc. team on their thoughts as we wrap up the year. We chat about the big wins that we’ve had in 2019, including our two new hires, Eric and Aubin. You’ll hear about new updates coming to the SherWare software, how we reached record sales this year and what we’re grateful for. We also look ahead to 2020 and discuss what we have planned for the new year, including the release of Well Profits to the public and our plans for putting together a one-day training event in a city near you, and releasing an integration with QuickBooks Online.

Here are some of the things you can look forward to in this episode:

  • Big wins that SherWare, Inc. had in 2019
  • A teaser about a new update coming to the software
  • What everyone on the SherWare, Inc. team is grateful for this year

“I just want to salute the team for thinking positively. That’s one thing we always try to do at SherWare is to celebrate the wins and to think and remember things we’re grateful for because the human mind always goes to the negative for some reason.”

– Phil Sherwood


2:01 Some of the big wins of SherWare, Inc. in 2019
2:14 Eric’s experience with being apart of the SherWare, Inc. team
3:05 What Abin’s experience has been like since joining SherWare, Inc. 
3:38 Anthony’s experience in going to the programming conference and applying that to SherWare, Inc.
4:19 Visiting conferences with Phil and getting to know current clients
5:26 Getting record sales this year and how the team worked together to make it happen
6:48 A new update coming to SherWare software 
8:55 The one-day training events that SherWare, Inc. will be putting on in 2020
9:44 News about SherWare Inc. integrating with Quickbooks Online
10:01 Hitting the road in 2020 and what tradeshows they plan to attend
11:15 Rolling out Well Profits to the public in 2020 
13:17 What the SherWare, Inc. team is grateful for in 2019

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