#026: How the Pipeliner’s Club of Oklahoma City Is Connecting the Industry with Clay Scott

In Oklahoma there’s a club connecting people from upstream, midstream and downstream communities. On this episode, Eric Werdin, director of Sales at SherWare, Inc. interviews Clay Scott, founder and the current president of the Pipeliner’s Club of Oklahoma City (PCOC) about how they’ve built an organization that connects all facets of the oil and gas community.

The PCOC was created to help bridge the gap between upstream, midstream and downstream energy communities for the mutual benefit of members and the oil and gas industry. Clay shares what the PCOC is and what services they provide for members. He also dives into their scholarship program and how it has grown over the years. 

Here are some of the things you can look forward to in this episode:

  • How the Pipeliner’s Club of Oklahoma City provides members with networking, education and community
  • Scholarship initiatives and growth of the PCOC
  • Events that help to fund their programs and offerings

“Our club is kind of like a pipeline as you could imagine. Our purpose is to connect upstream, midstream and downstream energy communities for the mutual benefit of our members and the industry. ”

– Clay Scott


2:40 What the Pipeliner’s Club of Oklahoma City is
4:58 The services that the PCOC provide
6:10 Their scholarship program that they offer and the history of it
7:30 Events that are coming up for the PCOC
9:21 How to join the PCOC

About Clay Scott:

Clay Scott has spent his entire 33-year professional career in the energy industry with experience in the electrical utility, midstream and E&P sectors. He currently serves as Enable Midstream Partners’ Senior Director of Engineering and Construction Support, where he has worked the past four years. At Enable, Clay has responsibility for Design Engineering, Drafting and Design, GIS and Project Controls.

A registered professional engineer in the state of Oklahoma, Clay was a founding member of the Pipeliners Club of Oklahoma City where he currently serves as president. Clay earned his master’s degree in business administration from Oklahoma City University and his undergraduate degree in electrical engineering from Oklahoma State University.

Connect with Clay:

Website | LinkedIn | Twitter | [email protected]

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