#023: Retiring From Oil & Gas After 40+ Years with Chuck Prickett

Software geek alert! Today’s interview is with Chuck Prickett, an employee with Associated Systems with over 40 years of experience in the oil and gas industry. Phil and Chuck chat about his career at Associated Systems and the work he’s done with GOALS, an accounting software developed by him and a few other software developers for Associated Systems. They discuss how GOALS has evolved over the years, how clients have helped improve the software and his memories of building relationships with his customers throughout his career.

Here are some of the things you can look forward to in this episode:

  • Chuck’s experience of working for Associated Systems
  • Developing the software for GOALS
  • His favorite memories of customers and the relationships he’s built with them
  • Why Chuck is retiring from his work after 40+ years

“That was the only thing that really kept me awake some nights was laying in bed knowing that I was the only support that they had for their systems.”

– Chuck Prickett


2:30 How Chuck got started working at Associated Systems
6:02 How the GOALS software has evolved over time
9:28 Doing onsite installations
10:18 Transitioning clients from IBM Systems to PC
11:44 Working on the GOALS side by himself since the ’90s
13:52 How customer updates help them to make changes to the software
17:23 Building relationships with customers over the last 20-30 years
20:21 What Chuck wants to do post-retirement
21:20 The bad side of getting to know your customers 

About Chuck Prickett:

Chuck Prickett has worked at Associated Systems since 1978. He was one of the original software developers of the oil and gas accounting system named “GOALS”, and has continued to support GOALS clients since the beginning. He will be retiring at the end of 2019 and is slowly phasing out of his client support work.

Associated Systems, Inc., located in Wichita, Kansas, was founded in 1974 as a software consulting and development enterprise and has a long history of successes. One of those being the longevity of its customer base and its employees. Over the years, ASI has installed over 450 systems nationwide in its vertical markets.

ASI began with its first Oil & Gas customer in 1974, and they remain a customer to this day. The original system was designed and developed for the IBM System 32, and as Systems 34, 36 and AS/400 were introduced, ASI’s software products evolved to take advantage of the increased features and abilities of those systems. With the advent of the PC, the software was re-written and was made accessible and affordable for operations of all sizes. It was named “GOALS” for Gas, Oil And Land Systems and it revolutionized the way the smaller producer managed his business.

Connect with Chuck:

LinkedIn | Associated Systems

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