#020: The Inside Scoop at SherWare after 25 Years

It’s hard to believe that it has been 25 years since SherWare first started. On today’s episode of the podcast, you’ll hear from the employees of SherWare on what it is that they do with the company, how it’s evolved over the years and the most memorable experiences they have about working for SherWare. They share the biggest changes they’ve noticed and how they transitioned from working in an office to working from home. Phil chats with each team member to get their take on the business and how they feel about working for the company.

Here are some of the things you can look forward to in this episode:

  • Interviews with the developer and support team for SherWare
  • How technological advances have changed how SherWare supports clients
  • Transitioning from having a central office to a fully remote team
  • An interview with Phil’s kids, Mallory and John about their experience with SherWare
  • How SherWare’s newest employee, Eric feels about the company


2:05 What Anthony and Austin do at SherWare
3:36 The biggest changes that employees have seen at the company
5:52 How technological advances have helped with customer support
6:57 The most memorable experiences they have with SherWare
9:11 Building relationships with clients
14:01 Being able to provide updates to their software online
15:32 Their move from a central office to a remote office
18:10 Hiring for a remote team
19:38 Brining on their first salesperson after 25 years in the business
23:24 What Mallory and John do at SherWare
26:07 Their perspective on SherWare while growing up
28:20 How Mallory started working at SherWare
28:58 What made John decide to work for SherWare
32:47 How they’ve felt about working for SherWare
36:10 What John does after moving on from SherWare
37:21 What Mallory does outside of working with her dad’s company
41:52 What Eric does in the sales department of the business
43:42 The thing that surprised Eric the most about SherWare
45:34 What Eric noticed about their sales process


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