#017: How Podcasting Changes the Conversation in the Oil & Gas Industry

Today on the podcast, Phil chats with Mark LaCour, a former market researcher who now produces some of the top podcasts in oil and gas. They chat about how he got started with the first podcast and how this led him and his team to create a number of other podcasts about the oil and gas industry. He shares what he has learned from the younger generation in the workforce about learning and networking. Mark also discusses a new AI technology he is developing to make recruiting the right employees for oil and gas much easier.

Here are some of the things you can look forward to in this episode:

  • What happened that led Mark to the oil and gas industry
  • His first company and how it has changed
  • Why he started the very first podcast
  • How his podcast network has grown since the initial launch


2:05 How Mark got started in oil and gas
4:57 Why the different sectors of the industry are so compartmentalized
6:39 The root of inefficiencies in the oil and gas industry
7:44 What ModalPoint is
9:43 How he got started with the first podcast
11:47 The current podcasts he runs and upcoming podcasts
13:07 Why a small, niche podcast is better
13:42 The hardest part about running his podcasts
15:02 What the Oil & Gas Global Network is
16:21 What Mark speaks about to other businesses
17:53 Mark’s happy hour events and how the younger workforce learns and networks
21:52 A software that Mark is developing
24:04 Challenge for the industry to change the negative public perception

About Mark LaCour

Mark has lived at the intersection of Oil and Gas and Technology for over 20 years. Later he started his own market research company and has a well-earned reputation as an industry “insider” and independent 3rd party researcher. This led to him becoming a part of the new media, where he has the top podcasts in the oil and gas industry. He is a sought after public speaker, author, sits on several oil & gas boards and has one of the top oil & gas presences in social media.

Connect with Mark:

Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter | ModalPoint | ModalPoint Facebook

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