#015: How to Retain Employees and Create a Positive Work Culture

Treating employees right and creating a positive work culture will save you thousands of dollars by simply retaining staff. Today on the podcast, Phil is joined by his friend and business coach, Scott Ballard, founder of the Confidence Coach. Scott shares why employers need to focus on employee retention and creating a workplace that people are excited about. He also discusses what he does as a business coach and shares the structure of some of his coaching programs.

Here are some of the things you can look forward to in this episode:

  • A rundown of what Scott does as a business coach
  • Why employee retention is so important for your business
  • How to create a positive work culture
  • Scott’s advice about investing in your employees


1:44 Scott’s background and how he got into his business coaching
5:53 What coaching is from Scott’s perspective
8:55 Learning to leverage a team in your business
10:20 How coaching is similar to brain surgery
12:31 Ditching limiting beliefs
13:14 Retaining good employees and developing underperforming employees
18:20 Finding out what motivates employees internally
22:20 The cost of hiring new employees
25:38 Scott’s coaching programs
29:12 Creating a family-like culture at the workplace
33:50 The importance of investing in your payroll

About Scott Ballard:

Scott Ballard is the founder of Confidence Coach LLC and is an author, speaker and coach for business owners with employees. He has 35 years of successful business ownership as his background. The last 10 years Scott has been coaching business owners on the strategies and tactics of engaging their employees in a fun, positive, respectful way. He has worked with everything from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies and has developed five different processes/trainings that build engagement, culture and leadership within businesses.

Scott is passionate and adamant about leveraging for each company the hopes, dreams and aspirations of not only the company, but of each employee in the company; which is the greatest untapped asset in every company in the world.

Connect with Scott:

Website | LinkedIn | Facebook | Youtube | Twitter | Book

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