#001: How the Oil and Gas Industry Survives Year After Year

Twenty-five years ago, co-host Phil Sherwood, started a software company called SherWare, Inc. to optimize the accounting and distribution processes for oil and gas operators to save them time and money, two things we need plenty of in the oil and gas industry.

When he started the business, the price of oil was around $15 a barrel and over the course of his career, it’s gone down to $9 and as high as $100.

Through all the ups and downs, We’re Still Here, and like so many clients and friends in the industry — so are you.

So what makes a business be able to withstand the unpredictable market conditions? What characteristics does the CEO have to have? What are the tactics and secrets they’ve used to be successful no matter what?

This is exactly what we want to uncover and inspire on this podcast.

Each episode will feature guest interviews and episodes to showcase the best and brightest in the industry and find out how they’ve thrived in a volatile market and what the future of the industry looks like to them.

We’ll also be showcasing business ideas, tips, tricks for scaling and growing — you happen to be in the oil and gas industry, but you’re running and growing a business and in order to continually expand, you have to think differently and be ready to grow with your team.

At the end of the day, we want you to be able to say, “We’re Still Here” no matter what happens around you.

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